Meri Rail Leicester

Meri Rail | 10/04 - 15/08 2010

New Walk Museam & Art Gallery, Leicester

A unique exhibition of photographic portraits by award winning filmmaker Gerry Troyna. From the humblest station orphan to a coolie, a high-level bureaucrat to a loco driver, Meri Rail is a snapshot in time of the people who work for and depend on the Indian railways, a new dimension of India, a real, everyday and fascinating society rarely seen.

Using a portable studio with a single canvas backdrop, Gerry directed his photographer, Achinto Bhadra, to shoot the large format portraits of the people he encountered along the line.

India on the Move | 4 Apr 2009 - 7 Sep 2009

National Railway Museum, York

A special exhibition of 100 stunning portraits and film clips capturing on camera the lives of the millions of people who live and work around Indias railways. The portraits were created by renowned photographer, Gerry Troyna, creator of an award-winning BBC documentary about Indias railways which received high critical acclaim. The subjects range from coolies and drivers to hawkers and policemen.